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Welcome to my personal website. This address contains contains samples of my work on web design & web development, game development as well as information on how to contact me

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Web Design & Development

Athens Lycabettus Athens Lycabettus (Design & Photography) Swiss Home (Design) Swiss Home (Design)

For more web development projects that I have undertaken, please also visit Mozaik

Game Development

Dark Interval Dark Interval (LDJAM) SworduRush SworduRush (LDJAM) SworduRush Limbs Away (Global Game Jam 2020) Juna Ranger Juna Ranger (IndieDB, Ongoing)

Follow my indie game development, please also visit Avibe Games

App Development

Colorpick (Windows) ColorPick 1.0.0 (Windows) Colorpick (macOS) ColorPick 1.0.0 (macOS) SAI Animation Peek SAI Animation Peek 1.8.0 (Windows) SAI Autosave SAI Autosave 1.0.3 (Windows)

Other Work

My Open Source Projects on Github My Open Source Projects on Github Assets on GameMaker Marketplace Assets for GameMaker Studio


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